The Conference program consists of presentations submitted by leading industrial experts, CEO, technical specialists, government officials, heads of aviation training systems manufactures, heads of training centers. "State policy in the field of regulation and provision of technical training facilities for aviation and transport training centers".


Indicators of size, composition and condition of the Park aviation simulators in 2020-2021 years.

List and status of licensed aucs in Russia for 2020-2025.

Indicators of the vehicle fleet in Russian Railways. Formation of standards for the regulatory framework for certification and testing of technical means of professional training in Russian Railways training centers.


Application and compliance with the requirements of the new FAP, in the order of admission to the use of flight simulation simulators, as well as control of professional skills of civil aircrew members, which were approved at the round table during the conference and in the final version passed to the Ministry of transport of Russia in 2020;

- Discussion of the state of the regulatory framework for the procedure for allowing TSO to operate and use these devices for training and checking flight crews. - Discussion of regulatory requirements and making additions to the Annex to FAP-128 in terms of getting the aircraft into a difficult spatial position (stall), in accordance with the document ICAO10011, in terms of approving the possibility of training instructors and flight personnel on light aircraft;

- Discussion of regulatory requirements for making additions to the FAP-147 Appendix, as well as requirements for the UPRT training instructors.

The round table is held with the participation of a representative of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, Head of the flight standards Department - Mikhail Vasilenkov .

The program will take place at two exhibition halls, “Davos” and “Geneva”.