"Harmonization of state regulation of production and operation of technical means of training and education"

- Amendments to FAP 229 regulating the procedure for admission to the use of Virtual and Mixed Reality (VR/AR) flight simulation simulator devices.

- The procedure for approving the methodology of preparation and training for the use of simulator devices of the category of Virtual and Mixed reality (VR/AR) flight simulation of aviation specialists in the categories of aircraft and helicopter.

- Clarification of the procedure for certification of TSO produced and operated until 2022.

The round table is held with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and Rosaviation

Coffee break Foyer "ZURICH" 12:00 - 13:00

Hall "ZURICH" 13:00 - 15:00


- Assessment of the state of flight safety in civil aviation of the States parties to the Agreement on GA and IVP in 2020-2022 based on the materials of the IAC, based on the results of the investigation of accidents and flight accidents caused by aviation personnel (human factor).

ON-LINE Teleconference. EASA procedure for the application of the provisions regulating the procedure for training flight personnel according to the methodology and training program on aircraft of the eVTOL category.

-Training devices and training programs for transport personnel.

- Simulator training in the training centers of professional qualifications of railways of JSC "Russian Railways".

- Status of programs for the creation of technical training tools from customer corporations and manufacturers of FFS class simulators: PJSC "Corporation "Irkut"; JSC "Regional Aircraft"; JSC "Russian Railways"; PJSC "Tupolev"; JSC "NCV Miles and Kamov"; PJSC "IL"; PJSC "TANTK named after G.M. Beriev"; PJSC "Company "Sukhoi"; Branch of PJSC "Company "Sukhoi" "Sukhoi Design Bureau"; JSC "RSC "MiG", ROSCOSMOS

- The practice of preparing and creating source data packages (Data and Soft Package) for the development of simulators.

- Modern technologies in aviation simulator construction used by leading simulator-building companies.

- Modern methods and mechanisms for training cabin crews using virtual and augmented reality tools.

- Methods of using training complexes in the professional training of locomotive crews.

(The list of speakers and topics of speeches are formed until 10.04.2022).

ZURICH Hall 16:30 - 18:00

Session 2 Plans and programs for the production of training complexes for the enterprises of PJSC "UAC" and JSC "Russian Helicopters" in the segment of civil and state aviation for 2020-2022.

Plans and programs for the production of training complexes for JSC "Russian Railways" for 2020-2022.

- Presentation reports on the development of the TSO park in the training units of JSC "Russian Railways".

- Presentation reports on the development of the TSO fleet in the training units of PJSC UAC and JSC Russian Helicopters.

- An integrated approach to equipping Training Centers according to training and retraining programs for aviation personnel, using new programs and technical solutions.

- Presentation of modern technologies for designing all types of simulators using 3D prototyping, in order to optimize and reduce the cost of producing training programs for training centers.

- Representation of the rapidly developing VR/AR technology market in the training programs of world and Russian training centers.

- Improvement of methods of professional training of vehicle operators.

- Training of specialists in the maintenance of domestic and foreign simulators and TSO.

- Digital twin of automated simulator control systems.

(The list of speakers and topics of speeches are formed until 10.04.2022).

Lunch, Restaurant "Acapella" 15:00 - 16:30

Time of business communication and inspection of the exhibition

GENEVA Hall 13:00 - 15:00

Session 3 Trends and modern technologies

- Integrators of projects for the organization of production of aircraft simulators and TSO equipment.

- The practice of building a technological chain of design and subsequent production of the interior of the simulator cabin corresponding to the real aircraft. Features of the use of finishing materials in the interior design of the technical area of the simulator.

- Modern technologies of complex mobility systems. Mobility prototyping systems.

- Dynamic visualization and virtual environment engines.

- Game simulation of artificial intelligence in the modern industry of simulator construction and game simulators.

- Multi-channel visualization systems for virtual environments, as well as visualization systems for night vision equipment. Software solutions for visualizing the situation outside the cabin.

(The list of speakers and topics of speeches are formed until 10.04.2022).

18:00 End of the conference

RECEPTION in the Foyer "ZURICH" 18:00 - 19:00